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• Curse of Nalestrom is a horror game about a terrible place where the dead have risen into demons, and the gates of hell are open

• Curse of Nalestrom combines Japanese mythology with fictional mythology. The gameplay is inspired by Outlast, The Mimic Book 2 Chapter 1 (Roblox), Hektor, Killer Escape 1-3, and Amnesia The Dark Descent

BACKSTORY: Since 1967, there's been a lot of myths about a horrible place full of psychopaths who had escaped a dark asylum. In 1973, a predictor said that on the exact date of 9th April of 2006, the people that died inside the asylum will rise into demons and the gates of hell will open.

• You are Arthur Jones assigned to a mission, and you must find out what is happening in the day predicted by the old future-predictor.

• Throughout exploring the place, you will find ghosts, floating decapitated heads, documents/letters that give you information about the original place, and many other things.


• To be current with the development, enter the link under to see the channel I will post devlogs on 


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