A downloadable drug simulator for Windows

You have been sued by your aunt and must get your money back. With the money, you pay a hitman to assassinate your aunt. The hitman is well hidden and is known as Kurkenhadent. The money required is 50k. If you don't get revenge, you'll keep getting sued and getting blamed for nothing.

Chapters:      CHAPTER 1 - Power of Little

                             CHAPTER 2 - Kurkenhadent's Origin

                             CHAPTER 3 - Body of a Colossus

                             CHAPTER 4 - Single Associate

                             CHAPTER 5 - Keter Situation

                             CHAPTER 6 - Untrackable Vandalism

Install instructions

Extract the archive and open DrugSimulatorKurkenhadent.exe


Drug Simulator Kurkenhadent.rar 244 kB

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