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Noah, the gun king, fights zombies created by another god, full name Zhanteronaphago Yenaphralorge Rax Rukkusottoperkal Nor Dusteagovunz Porpe Nurperdoshenkipharonettoglemas, Thanaoresh Rax Exaeojumenazurenaklanesor  Nor Lorphenorahentephola, short name Zhan Yena Rax Rukkus Nir Dustea Porpe Nurper Thanao Rax Exaeo Nor Lorph, but people call him Zhan. His name means Zhan Yena The God of Blood and Infectizombification (infection of zombies), King of Death-Exile and Torture-Morphing.


GodOfGuns.rar 221 MB


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Deleted 1 year ago

wdym, I put this game only in one jam tf

Check out my program page: https://stevesfara20.wixsite.com/stevesfara