A downloadable game for Windows

After a long waiting, here is a new Soldiers game, added to the franchise.

P.S. It's harder than Call of Duty


SoldiersOps2.rar 255 MB


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Coming soon: A Quake-like game will appear this month or next month. It's not made in FPS Creator or GameGuru like ever before... not even coded in Batch...

is this any good

and how many guns are in it

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there is only one because I can't make the game big, since itch.io file maximum size is 1GB.

im no dev but couldnt you still add a couple of guns under 1gb

im not trying to be mean

i'm sorry, I can't, because right after a few games I released this one, I reinstalled my windows and I deleted everything. I had gameguru cracked and I got a big virus and you know what's next... I cannot modify it since it's exported, even if I download that cracked version again.

that sucks

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was this made during the gamejam? Because the SoldiersOps2.rar file was added on the 10th of July at 9:16, so right after the jam started

I don't know. The original page for the game was made before I even knew the game jam even existed.