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Hello, people! Sorry for leaving the informations unknown for you. This game is never gonna be released due to different reasons. I have planned to tell y'all this in the middle of June. It's middle October. The game was very buggy too. But in the time you were waiting for it to release, we were making Tremor. It's now Tremor Soulex, after 3 and SVT. This game will be the last Survivor game that we release. You can check out Silent Night, a deep experience game, in which you need to escape a hotel. Hope y'all were ready for a moment like this, even if it was unexpected. Goodbye.

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Hello, people! This month (June), I was working on Tremor and Tremor Kuster. I have been also busy. Since the first 2 levels' release, I didn't work A BIT on the game. It may not be released on July 1. It may be released in 10 July or earlier.

Did you know? Survivor: Aliens was originally supposed to be a new Boredom game, but new interesting ideas came and we must've added cutscenes, so we decided to turn it into a Survivor game.