A downloadable tool for Windows

Batch operating system. Please report bugs.

Tremor has:

A specific network



Tremor Prompt

Free-to-type text document


Tremor OS.rar 197 kB


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We have released an official site for Tremor operating systems: https://sites.google.com/view/tremor-os/home or https://sites.google.com/view/tremor-os (Tremor Kuster is not included in it)

Tremor 2 will be released today or tomorrow (June 26). I have a letter for you, all. It is bellow.

Tremor 2 has been released with more performance.

The logo is now in special characters. 

The language-style has changed. 

Tremor 2 is already installed and there is no Starter Install Screen. 

It has very little differences. 

The clock is automatically on the desktop and you can refresh the desktop to get the current time. 

At the boot menu, you can make Tremor 2 fullscreen if it isn't or is with the Fix Fullscreen option. 

When you open Tremor configuration, you will have different options, not only files. 

Tremor 2 is now only a little file, from which the batch file gets for principal life source integrated generation to get everything displayed on the screen possible as not a content file. 

We think that Tremor 2 is a very good choice for an operating System. 

Since it's beta, we will leak you some processers that will appear in full stable release:

Processor Program Shop

Dera Browser

Dera Tremor Edition

Boredom Game

Survivor Game



   Steve Sfara a.k.a zHyper

      Future Studios / Futuresoft