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Visit a place, where you enter, and never leave. HE will end your life. The first person who really appreciated the Amesther. YEAH, ask who is the Amesther.

The Amesther is a new god, and his first place to ruin was the asylum, where you entered.

The Amesther ruined the asylum like this: made every doctor and surgeon a psychopath, and give humans different bloody forms.


The game is so fricking buggy, man... Some of the models used in the game don't support the graphics settings. Sh1t.


Bantue.rar 784 MB


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Bantue is now free again, due to download loss.

For the people who already downloaded Bantue: it's not a problem, you won't be forced to pay. You can keep the game.

Check out my program page: https://stevesfara20.wixsite.com/stevesfara

Lots of fun. Great work!

Thanks for playing! You can check out Bantue 2, but it's only early access. Graphics and the gameplay are better.

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Hey! You can check the game franchise Soldiers. They are much better than Bantue.