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You've been through too many things. You don't remember yesterday, even though you were in the same place. But something tells you to do what you are commanded.

The asylum is now abandoned, but you are locked in it because of an illusion.

The Amesther proves to you that he can win, but can he?

The Amesther is a new god, and his first place to ruin was the asylum, where you entered. It made every doctor and surgeon a psychopath, and give humans different bloody forms. But now, he infected them with some kind of virus, and now they are zombies.


Entrance to Psychos

Mutilated Society

Daylight Meat

Death Depth

Fight The Pain

RELEASE DATE: 01.03.2022


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Excellent demo.  Looking forward the rest of the game. Runs smooth and looks good. More backstory would be cool. Maybe you could hide some documents explaining things in those bookshelves that open.  The maze like asylum is a great setting and keeping the ammo count on par with the enemy count raises tenson. Thanks for letting us check this out!

Thank you for playing!