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You've met the hacker from before, but it's 10 years later and he became evil and he has no mercy. He gets you through life-risking puzzles which will kill you if you fail them, more exactly, math puzzles. While he was giving you puzzles, he was making a plan, in which you were not the victim. A plan that didn't get to happen.

At the end of the game, you will find out why he became evil. It wasn't intentionally.

This game has sounds and music.

There are multiple endings: The Secret Ending (Shut Down Boredom OS at the start for the ending) , The Bad Ending (Leave the Boredom world without destroying the owner's core) and The Good Ending (You destroy Beradus, the owner's core)

We made it in around 6 hours.

Play-Time: 10 minutes


You meet another hacker which is not evil, and makes you a demi-god (like the Owner) which is good too.

To install The Sinning God DLC, put the files in the game's main folder. It doesn't work without the main files! You could check that.

Made in 3 hours.

Play-Time: 5 minutes


Boredom 2.rar 2 MB
The Sinning God DLC 9 MB

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