A downloadable Futuresoft game for Windows

You are Cane Scott, working at SudoTech, and you get captured by a hacker team, which warns you to do some jobs, or they'll delete your files.

                                                   COMPLETE 999 CONTROL


                                                                     Sigma Grade

                                                                    /\                       /\

                                                            SudoSec      SudoSec 2

   The 999 is the access to the full virtual world and that is what you must unlock.

                                                           Playtime: 30 Minutes


                                        FOLLOWING ENDING   -   Bad Ending

                                         LEADER ENDING              -  Good Ending


                                                CHAPTER 1 - SudoSec Firewall

                                                CHAPTER 2 -  District Process

                                                CHAPTER 3 -    Security Peak

                                                CHAPTER 4 -     Archive Seek

                                                CHAPTER 5 -      The Finale

The game will have updates that contain more gameplay.

Release Date: May 18th, 2022

Install instructions

Extract the archive, and run the .BAT file


Boredom Hackerjob.rar 1 MB


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Game is now really working.