A downloadable game for Windows

Creation now owns the FNAF 2 pizzeria. 

Current Version: v1.2

1.2 Features:

Fixed AI


Tips to beat the game:

The red eyes are Creation's

He is fast (ex: he can go from the stage to one of the dining room)

When he is in your room, you will blink, but put your mask fast, even if you won't see him.

Don't use the tablet all time, or your battery will die.

Install instructions

Extract and run "Creation's Pizzeria 2".


CreationsPizzeria2.rar 34 MB


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Hey y'all, I am sorry :D! I even forgot I created this game. Creation's Pizzeria 3 will may never appear. It's a lot of pain. I will announce you.

You know, games like this seem easy to make, but they are hard to make. It may seem easy if you take a quick look at FNAF Maker. But believe me, it is not easy. Creation's Pizzeria 3 will may release next month.

Check out my program page: https://stevesfara20.wixsite.com/stevesfara