A downloadable game for Windows

The Creation from TJOC now owns Freddy's Pizzeria.

Tips to beat the game:

The red eyes are Creation's

He is fast (ex: he can go from the stage to one of the office doors)

When he is in your room, you will blink, but put your mask fast, even if you won't see him.

Don't use the tablet all time, or your battery will die.

Current Version: v1.3

v1.3 features:



DiamondChef (FNAF Maker)

ParsecGames (some of the textures)

Made by:

Steve Sfara

Made in:

4 Days

Report bugs at: stevesfara20@gmail.com


CreationsPizzeria.rar 221 MB


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How was the game made

I once saw on my romanian youtube recommended, and as a game developer, there were hundreds of videos of game creating, but something good appear, a game engine called FNAF Maker. I found on gamejolt this engine called "FNAF Maker", but a download wasn't available. So I searched on google "FNAF Maker download free!!1!1!111!111!" just like anyone would've done. I credited DiamondChef for making it. There was more tabs: Office Editor, Animatronic Editor, Title Screen Editor, Camera Editor, Developer (coding which was a second option), Test Game and Compile Game. I started with title screen. I searched for an image of creationand putted it as menu background, searched for Attic Ambience from TJOC SM and I made no newspaper, but one may be coming soon. As I finished the Title Screen, I moved on office. How do I got the FNAF 1 exact textures? Long-story short, I once wanted to make a FNAF game in Scratch and the guy who gave every viewer a textures and sounds download was ParsecGames, and I also credited him. I activated power, mask, ambience and others maybe. I moved on Camera Editor, which was supposed to be hardest, but I was LAZY and I just made red eyes instead of the entire body for Creation. IT WOULD'VE BEEN MORE PAINFUL THAN A MOTHER GIVING BIRTH. I made every camera, and after that, I moved on to Animatronic Editor, which was the easiest. I added Creation, but the worst part, was the jumpscare. YOU HAD TO ADD FRAMES FROM A FOLDER, AND I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT FRAMES, so I didn't called them c1,c2,c3,c4,etc. I just copied a Creation jumpscare screenshot, and I pasted 30 times in the same folder, cause why not. I made the paths, and the NIGHT 1 AI, because the other AIs were bugged, but I entered Developer section, and coded the nights AIs. And... thats's it.