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Experience the feeling of a huge rusty sunk submarine underwater. The game is psychological horror, so it doesn't have any jumpscares, it's just supposed to disturb the player. It's crappy, but it's the first time I actually try making a Unity game.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
TagsCreepy, creepypasta, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short

Install instructions

Extract the archive, and start ManFear.exe


Man Fear: Vientor 57 MB


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strange story

Thank you for playing!

Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

This was a cool horror game about getting stuck in a submarine and trying to find a way out of the submarine. I wasn't able to escape as I have no clue on what to do in order to be able to get out so it would be cool if I could get some hints on how to escape from the submarine. XD

However, the game does make use of a few horror elements to create a really scary atmosphere, such as narrow hallways, dark lighting and strangely shaped hallways. It did a really good job as I was definitely worried about something was going to chase me all of a sudden in those dark hallways. Would be cool if there was some story-telling going on in the game to help the player be more engaged while playing the game and make the game more interesting to play too.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours. 


Thank you for playing!