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The Basement is a horror game made in Kronor Engine 00, powered by FPSC.

There is a storm in the zone you live, all the people in your town are dead, and you go to your basement and sleep there. You wake up and try to escape the basement because it's locked, by the weird things that appear. When you are a step away from leaving it, you go asleep again, then wake up in the same place, with other weird things happening, and it's the same day. And it happens for nearly 3 days, because in the 4th, you leave it normally. Weird experience, right?

There are 2 gameplay levels and 2 story-based levels, which result in a total of 4 levels, which are short.


TheBasement.rar 44 MB


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congrats on beating me by 3 days 😅 I loved the aesthetic!

We're glad you like it!

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The Basement v1.1 Huge Update:

-Menu background and buttons are changed

-Menu cursor changed

-Added music to: 1.Main Menu 2.Loading Screen 3.Ending Screen

-Added music ambience in-game

-Changed HUD

The Basement was a game I thinked about for some time.

The game will release on 2nd or 3rd of October.