A downloadable game for Windows

Titan Engine is a batch engine to make games like Survivor, Savage Blast and Boredom.

Current version: v1.2

v1.2 new things:

-Bug fixes

Install instructions

Extract and run TitanEngine.bat.


Titan Engine.rar 194 kB


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T3CE has been removed permanently due to Batch built-in unfixable crash bug.

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The first 3D game engine made by me will be released this month (June 2021). It will be called T3CE (Titan 3D CHF-Code Engine). Made in BATCH. Ask yourself: How is that possible in Batch?

v1.2 released!

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Titan Engine will be used to make Survivor 5, and if we experience bugs, we will fix them, and update the app after Survivor 5 release.

v1.1 released!